The perfect slave

I am the perfect slave,
Born to it, bred for it
But I don't mind my slavery
It's good for me
At least that's what they say
And I believe them
Because I love them
And I trust them
At least that's what they say
I do what I am told
I play by all the rules
Being what I am, I know my place
Seen, never heard
By my elders and betters
I take their rules
They must be right
Because they are
My elders and betters
And at night when I dream
of that sweet liberty
of a life with the freedom to be
all that I am
yes, obscene, but not hurt
they say that it shows
How right they are
How much I need
The wisdom of their law
And so I crush my dreams
Hide my hope, welcome fear
I spread my arms in warm embrace
for all my worst
Better that than weeping
I deny love
I worship hate
Hold high my head
With pride in my disease
And when I too have slaves
Born for it, bred for it
They will not mind their slavery
It's good for them
At least that's what I'll say
and they'll believe me
because they love me
and they trust me
At least that's what I'll say