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A few little essays

Like all writers I occasionally suffer from writers block, that form of mental constipation where you just know that there is something in there that wants to get out but no matter how hard you strain, it just won't come. I found that the best way to cure this dreadfull condition was to take a fresh piece of paper and just write any old crap that came to mind without worrying whether it was any good or not. I present some of those mental laxatives here, unchanged execpt for spelling and layout, with no guarantee of thier worth!

I am iron
Computers are great. In the old days you used to get writers block asnd sit staring at a blank page for hours at a time. Now you can play doom while you wait for the ideas to come. Or if you aren't into that kind of game, you can play whatever you want, or listen to music, chat on the internet, research from a cdrom. Anything in fact except sit and wait for inspiration. The computer allows endless ways and opportunities to avoid work and it offers them to a people who rarely need an excuse.